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Instructions on how to setup the Espers client can be found here in the Espers Documentation.

If you have problems setting up your wallet, feel free to get in touch. We highly recommend you to join our Discord server.


--- Download the snapshot ---
Snapshot: Main Snapshot --- Using the snapshot ---
If you have used the Espers client before be sure to back up wallet.dat to a USB flash drive or hard drive. (If this is your first time using Espers then just keep reading) Then delete the ESP (C:/Users/Your-User/Appdata/Roaming/ESP) folder is the first thing. Then install/run a new wallet (link below) and turn it off. Go to the ESP folder and paste your wallet.dat and the snapshot contents into the ESP folder. Launch your wallet and use it. (May take 5-10 minutes to start syncing)

-- Setting up Espers.conf ---
First, be sure you turn off the Espers client before modifying the config file. Normally you can let the Espers client just auto-generate a working config file. However if you need to run custom settings this is fine too, there are just a few settings that are important to remember to have in the Espers.conf. They are: deminodes=1 (and) demimaxdepth=200 Once you have your config file setup start the client and it will apply your settings.

Wallet/Client: Latest Espers Release

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