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At Espers we strive to provide a smooth and fun experience for our users. This project implements many exciting/emergent features that other blockchains and projects simply have no interest in implementing because they do not beleive it was possible to build. However, that's just exactly what we've done!.

We the Espers Project team hope that you enjoe the articles we have spent time writing about our unique features from everything that involves security to functionality and ease-of-use. Thank you for your interest in this project and we hope to see you in our community chats!

Recent News

In-wallet/client NFTs

The first of its kind, true altcoin in-wallet/client NFTs with on-chain pixel data storage and instant from-chain rendering.

Websites On-Chain

Get ready for the future! Espers is excited to test upcoming website on-chain functionality with its community.

In-wallet/client smart-contracts

Go beyond NFTs and Websites, store any data or even build a dApp through unique side-chain smart-contracts.