Espers, a Revolutionary Hybrid PoW/PoS Layer-1 Blockchain with Unlimited Scalability

With a unique NFT, and Smart-Contract system built on the Espers Blockchain and powered by the Web3 Fractal Engine. We are an active community that encourages new users to join our Discord, it's free and get's you plugged in with the Team/Community members.


We offer a host of unique features and capabilities

Below are just some of the many abilities and resources available to our community

Encrypted Messaging

One of many capabilties of the Fractal system is offering the ability to transmit any kind of data, this extends to messaging and social media possibilties!


We take security to the next level with intelligent network structures that can adapt and make informed decisions on block security/acceptance. Welcome to Demi-nodes.

In-chain NFTs

Have peace of mind when using the Espers platform, NFT pixel data itself is stored in-chain, negating the need for insecure IPFS hosting.

Bits Visualized As Color (BVAC)

Store and reference data more easily with BVAC. Similar to a barcode, BVAC allows the Espers client to read and store data in an image instead of the hassle of processing large text.

Websites On-chain

Stay secure and immutable by hosting your website on the Espers network. Leading the way in a revolutionary concept of storing and accessing websites directly on-chain!

Web3 Fractal Engine

The worlds first and most powerful Bitcoin based dynamic multi-chain smart-contract engine. Providing unique on-chain data storage and hosting for the Web3 world we live in!

Recent News

In-wallet/client NFTs

The first of its kind, true altcoin in-wallet/client NFTs with on-chain pixel data storage and instant from-chain rendering.

Websites On-Chain

Get ready for the future! Espers is excited to test upcoming website on-chain functionality with its community.

In-wallet/client smart-contracts

Go beyond NFTs and Websites, store any data or even build a dApp through unique side-chain smart-contracts.