We’ve recently undergone some changes in order to offer a more robust service and overall better end-user experience with the Espers blockchain as a service project which CryptoCoderz is conducting. Among the changes are a complete swapout from the old Espers chain (known on the forum and some exchanges as ESP1) to the new Espers chain based upon BTC version 0.10+ with a blackcoin reference implementation for the PoS feature which is now a part of the chain. The new Espers chain includes both PoW and PoS running side by side providing users with what has been come to be known in the crypto scene as a “Hybrid” token. Being hybrid allows for both miners and holders to enjoy the chain while we finish development of end-goal features which is what Espers was started for in the first place. As a side note we have not forgotten about PoR or Proof of Reliability, it is merely still in development.


This year we plan to move away from stability and security updates in the sense that they will not longer be such a high priority task and finish developing the usability features of the token that were promised upon launch on April, 2016. Of these include the secure messaging system, masternodes (intuitive node launching and monitoring), smooth sync patch, shrinking blockchain, light clients and much much more.


The community behind Espers has proven to be one of the best communities we have ever seen. This is because in the first five days of the ANN being live, there has been over ~500,000 views and 497 pages of replies. This Projects community is rapidly growing and the majority have shown that they believe in the project and will help out anyone who asks for it. CryptoCoderz is proud to be a member and developer of such a wondrous community and trusts this project to go very far.


HMQ1725 (Highly Modified Quark 17 algorithms 25 hash rounds) is a personal project and creation of Cryptocoderz. Made specifically for Espers HMQ1725 lays precedent for new hashing algorithms to be made, in particular “Scatter”. Scatter is another algorithm that Cryptocoderz is in the process of creating, however due to the complexity of this project there is no date that it will be released, it is simply being worked on.


Espers as gone through quite a transformation over the few months it’s been around including an entire swap, during that time could exchange their old Espers for new Espers at www.novaexchange.com from Oct 10, 2016 until Nov 11, 2016. CryptoCoderz Chose to have a swapout to Pos for several reasons:

First, the original chain had multiple errors that required a source overhaul. therefore we used this opportunity to fix those issues while simultaneously increasing the functionality of upcoming solutions.

Second, Proof of Stake has a chain stability and security that is unique to PoS, we seeked to take advantage of this to improve on our system.

Finally, from the beginning we had hopes for a diverse distribution that anyone can be a part of. we could think of no better method of adding a more diverse distribution then utilizing the PoS system.